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Video Inspection Report

PESTY - FEATURE VIDEO in addition to written report/s.

Pesty once again breaks new ground & now includes a featured video of the actual inspections, this video is upl;oaded to Vimeo, then can be streamed from Vimeo on Smartphone, Tablet, Computers, I upload the Video file to Vimeo upon completion of the site inspection, Video is protected by a password, this is a feature video of the inspection, much like TV revolutionised news & current affairs, a featured video report is ideal for property inspections, a featured video of the inspection is the most detailed medium to communicate the information observed by the inspector performing the inspection, it is factual, it is, to a degree, like watching reality TV or How To TV  programs, visual appreciation of building details or termite issues together with verbal explanations as presented in a featured video, is so much more valuable, gives people the ability to understand allowing them to make informed decisions with regard to the purchase and/or ongoing maintenance of a property. Video reports are so much more comprehensive than the most detailed written report with pictures could ever be, the only real downside is that clients do need to be computer literate/connected.

After the first full month (May 2011) of providing added Video Reports to my inspections, I can confirm that the feedback from clients has been outstanding, every client has provided positive feedback, repeat clients that have used my services in the past, some years ago, have stated that my reports were already exceptional, however the added Video Report is amazing, one client went on to say, the video report was astonishing, the video simplifies critical information , makes pre-purchase inspections clearer & easier to understand.

The video is edited & processed immediately after the inspection, by the inspector (Stephen Koelewyn), in most cases video & associated written report, can be delivered within as little as 2 hours after completion of the physical onsite inspection - now that is fast. Fact - Since I introduced video - clients rarely have questions - clients simply understand the information.  15th April 2011 12:20pm a Client ordered a pre-purchase building & pest inspection report in Birchgrove, NSW - at 15:15 the same day, the completed video was sent through that afternoon giving the client the ability to sign contracts.

My unique new video reporting format has been assessed and approved by my insurers. With a Video Report you get to see a lot of what the inspector has seen, you can see where the inspector has been, when purchasing, most people only see a property for maybe 10 minutes during an open for inspection, the video normally contains 40+ minutes of footage, you can rewind, look again, you can also show your friends & family - Video is an efficient and valuable media for communicating the findings of the inspection - this development together with speed of delivery involves some major technical innovations (some trade secrets), Pesty/Ausinspect is currently the only Sydney Pest & Building Inspection business providing this service, industry standards or codes of conduct are now being altered accordingly.

Featured Video has enormous benefits for purchasers ordering a pre-purchase inspections, however, video also gives Ausinspect the opportunity to now provide a "Property Condition Report" for homeowners, a Property Condition Report will give property owners information in a manner that has not been available till now, details of ongoing wear & tear, pest matters, leaking showers, what periodic maintenance may need urgent attention and/or those areas at high risk of damage and/or deterioration, a prudent property owner should consider having a Property Condition Report carried out periodically, proper maintenance prolongs the durability of property and is often a lot cheaper in the long run. Property Condition Report is a feature video carried out by Stephen Koelewyn, it includes structural pest inspection with thermal imaging, it would be prudent to have a Property Condition Report done if you are due for a periodic structural pest (termite) inspection or you are concerned about damp and/or mould issues.

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PESTY is well equipped to carry out specialised building works, effective repairs to buildings and property maintenance. We own our own machinery and truck for efficient, cost effective undertaking of works, our specialty is the repair of termite damaged and decayed structures.