Video is Essential for Your Ability To Make Well Informed Decisions. For Those That Seek Quality Inspection

Vendor - Pre-Sale - Pre-Listing Report.

PESTY offers a Vendor/Pre Sale/Pre-Listing Inspection with Walk-n-Talk Video™ of property, - Vendor only pays $250

Written Report can then be added later, only if needed, by any intersted party, for an additonal cost of $300.

PESTY now offers to carry out Vendor/Pre-Sale/Pre-Listing Building & Pest Inspection with Walk-n-Talk Video™ of the property, this Walk-n-Talk Video™ is hosted for the duration of the sale of the property, Real Estate Agents can provide links to the Walk-n-Talk Video™ on associated advertising as in web promotion and the like of the property for sale.

The Walk-n-Talk Video™ is available for viewing by any party interested in the purchase of the property, at no cost to those potential buyers.

This Walk-n-Talk Video™ removes the need to have multiple pre-purchase inspections carried out for properties that are listed for sale.

The benefit for prospective purchasers is that they can make an informed decisions without the associated cost, saves prospective purchases time or cost of organising their own pre-purchase inspection reports, this makes it easier for multiple purchasers to show genuine interest in the property.

Purchasers can potentially view the property, see the Walk-n-Talk Video™, make an informed decision and sign contracts with minimal delay.

The Real Estate agent has the benefit of having the pre-purchase building & pest inspection information readily available to pass on to all prospective purchasers that show interest in a given property at no additional cost.

The Vendor is the one that pays a nominal sum for the Inspection with Walk-n-Talk Video™, the benefit of this cost for the Vendor is that the information is readily available to all parties interested in the sale, no hidden surprises, the Vendor is no longer as exposed to the possibility that a prospective buyer will pull out of the sale after the pre-purchase inspection reports have been obtained by the prospective purchaser. The Vendor is likely to have more interested parties ready to make informed decisions with regard to the purchase of the property.

A prudent Vendor that seeks maximum exposure to as many prospective purchasers would have considerable benefit from making  featured Building & Pest Inspection Walk-n-Talk Video™ available.

Till now, one of the biggest objections to Vendor/Pre-Sale/Pre Listing Reports has been that these reports may be bias, as they have been ordered and prepared on behalf of the vendor, making it necessary for prospective purchasers to go and get additional pre-purchase reports that they felt were more reliable, with Walk-n-Talk Video™ Inspection, this is no longer a problem as the Walk-n-Talk Video™ is self explanatory, refers to all areas of the property and allows the prospective purchaser to make their own evaluation, allowing them to make well informed decisions with regard to the purchase.

For those purchasers that have proceeded to purchase the property and/or those that do need the added written Pre-Purchase Inspection Building & Pest Report, (possibly for the mortgagee and/or other interested parties), those interested can purchase that written report for an additional fee of $300.

Walk-n-Talk Video™ of the Building & Pest Inspection is comprehensive, it shows areas in detail and the inspector can provide necessary commentary.

True Story - A vendor had a Walk-n-Talk Video™ done on the property the week the property went to market, in fact two days before the first "Open For Inspection", the vendor then chose to run the Walk-n-Talk Video™on a loop on his TV during the "Open For Inspection", a lady sat down at the time of the "Open For Inspection", viewed the Video - that evening an offer was made, the property was Sold for $1.2+million. Price was well above the intended reserve (according to vendor). The purchaser called me the next day for instructions on downloading the video file and for a copy of written report in her name - it was the purchaser that had told me that she had viewed the video at the time of the open for inspection, found it very informative and proceeded to immediately purchase the property.

All inspections are carried out by Stephen Koelewyn.

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Stephen Koelewyn - NSW Builders Licence 45109c - Building Consultant Licence BC213 (Now Obsolete in NSW) - Pest Control Licence - NSW 15-001467-004

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Last modified: 6 September, 2021

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