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Silverfish is a general household pest that is normally treated when undertaking a general pest control treatment.

Adult silverfish typically measures around 15 mm.

Silverfish are wingless with a sleek, tapered body that has scaly, silvery skin, slippery and easily able to slide into small cracks and crevices.

Silverfish like dark, damp areas and thrive in high humidity within buildings. They are commonly found in crevices and like gaps or cracks in buildings.

Silverfish are nocturnal and secretive insects that are difficult to spot making it easy for an infestation to occur.

Silverfish are destructive feeders, feeding on paper and glue, making wallpaper and books key targets.

Silverfish can be very destructive, silverfish often go unnoticed until their feeding damage is identified.

Silverfish can ruin fabrics including carpets, furnishings or linen, in addition to paper and spoiling foodstuffs.

They ingest an incredibly wide variety of foods including cellulose, so can spoil shampoo and other beauty products.

Their faeces/excretions are yellow staining.

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