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Cockroaches are a true pest, they are considered a health risk to humans.

Below are the common species of cockroaches observed to properties in Australia, many more species of cockroaches do exist.

Each Cockroach species needs to be identified for effective control.

When considering cockroach control, cleaning to some degree is often necessary to reduce the cockroach feeding source, if the cockroaches have an abundant food source, then the chemicals used need to compete by percentage with an abundant food source, if cleaning to some degree is not undertaken the effectiveness of the control will be limited at best, when undertaking Intergrated Pest Management, we will consider the necessity to clean in combination with the application of sealants to the likes of cracks and crevices, good preperation will often leed to more effective cockroach.

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American Cockroach - Scientific name: Periplaneta americana Family: Blattidae

Australian Cockroach - Scientific name: Periplaneta australasiae

German Cockroach - Scientific name: Blattella germanica

Smokybrown Cockroach - Scientific name: Periplaneta fuliginosa

Oriental Cockroach - Scientific name: Blatta orientalis

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