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Bees are a beneficial insect - bees need to be protected as best as possible as they are crucial in the polination of plants or crops that inturn provides food for humans. Polination also important for flowers that inturn provide aminety.

In the rare circumstance where bees do have a hive within a wall cavity the like, the need for professional pest control arises.

Even when bees are located in a void, every effort os made to remove the bees naturally without harming the bees, this is done utilising funnels so all bees will take flight without being able to renter the void, once enough of the population takes flight, then the queen also takes flight and the bees move on.

In the case that this option is not possible then chemical control may be considered as an absolute last resort.

Where we observe a swarm of bees hanging from a tree branch in the yard for example, we will seek to relocate the bees to a hive.

The ocasional bee around your plants or a bee that occasionally flies into the dwelling are just bees in the natural environment and really not considered to be a concern.

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Last modified: 5 September, 2021

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