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Pesty - Humble Pesty, seeking to increase durability of building elements, motivated by technology & effective pest control, simple ways to make a small difference every day 

Pesty - Services provided by Pesty, would likely not be suitable for the budget minded or those seeking termite treatments. The budget and/or termite market is well covered by other pest control and/or cleaning providers, those that seek a more exclusive, at times, more expensive service, may consider engaging the services of Pesty.

Pesty carries out a degree of cleaning prior to application of pesticides, Pest Control ideally needs to involve cleaning, from cleaning of kitchen cupboard doors/hinges to soft wash of buildings exterior. Pesty uses unique self formulated cleaning products that are bio-degradable and consist of a neutral PH, where necessary, I will alter PH to break down stubborn soiling.

Pesty - Complex made simple. General Pest Management & Asset Maintenance, Servicing - Urban - Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Pesty, I see myself as a a quiet achiever, making the complex pest & building matters simple.

Pesty is dedicated to providing a wide range of property services through hard work, dedication, education and good communication.

Pesty is of the opinion that Pest Control can be much more than just spraying chemicals or placing baits or gels, it is about creating change, explanation, ventilation and often significant cleaning.

Pesty believes that Pest Control is more about creating a healthy environment for you, your home and most importantly, your family.

Pesty has a good understanding of building and construction principles, micro enviroments that occur within a building and a good understanding of the fungi family allows for a more effective control of pests and other health hazards within and/or around buildings.

Pesty - Stephen Koelewyn, is an experienced builder & pest controller, Steve simply loves doing Pest Control, I am a Pesty, at heart, I have always been a Pesty, for me being a Pesty is a life long passion, it is who I am - Proud to be a Pesty.

I started doing pest control when helping my dad from the age of 9 (1969), that's more than 53 years ago, till this day, my passion still lies in doing pest work. I refer to myself as a Pesty even though I have had a long building career that started in 1977 to be proud of, I am a licenced and practicing unrestricted builder in NSW. Builder Lic' 45109c - Stephen Koelewyn.

Stephen Koelewyn is a hands on Pesty with a wealth of Building knowledge, been dedicated to the Pest Control Industry in Sydney for over 30 years.

Stephen Koelewyn no longer does inspections.

This site has been designed & created by Stephen Koelewyn

Not a Member of AEPMA Association.

Stephen Koelewyn - NSW Builders Licence 45109c - Building Consultant Licence BC213 (Now Obsolete in NSW) - Pest Control Licence - NSW 15-001467-004

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Last modified: 16 January, 2022