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Ants are genrally considered to be the most common insect to infest buildings.

I provide responsible ant control in the Sydney Metro Area.

Baits are often used as an effective control measure for ants.

Rarely is a total elimination of ants achieved, however we can control the ants to lessen their impact, we can reduce the numbers significantly, many species reproduce rapidly and it is never possible to locate all nests when doing pest control, each species are differnt and generally need differing control measures.


Common Ant species:-

Black House Ant - Scientific name: Lasius niger Family: Formicaide

Generally, nests are located outdoors, in soils, hollowed trees, in grasses or under paving, behind fascias or any cavities to buildings. Foraging workers enter houses regularly in search of food, preferably sweet foods.


Black Ant - Scientific Name: Ochetellus Glaber

Often a pest of domestic environments, building their nest in cracks or gaps, beside pathways etc'. They generally enter the home in search of food, Like other ant species, they will nest underground and also in voids, for e.g. roof voids or wall cavities.


Bulldog Ant - Bull Ant - Scientific Name: Mycemia spp

One of Australias larger ant speciaes. Has aggressive nature, ant produces a sting which is painfull to humans. They can be vicious when they sense the nest is in danger.


Coastal Brown Ant Scientific name: Pheidole megacephala

A real nuisance, Commonly feeds on fats and oils. Multiple colonies around paths and shrubberies.


Green Headed Ant - Scientific name: Rhytidoponera metallica

An ant species that can sting, found in soils and around paths or vengitation, known to feed on protien and oils.


Meat Ant - Scientific name: Iridomyrmex purpureus


Odorous Garden Ant - Scientific name: Iridomyrmex spp.


Seed Harvester - Scientific name: Pogonomyrmex barbatus


Golden Tailed Spiny Ant - Scientific name: Polyrhachis ammon


Ghost Ant - Scientific name: Tapinoma Melanocephalum Family: Formicidae


Pharaoh Ant - Scientific name: Monomorium pharaonis Family: Formicidae


Carpenter Ant Ant - Scientific name: Componotus spp


Fire Ant / Red Imported Fire Ant - Scientific name: Solenopsis Invicta - Family: Formicidae

Not observed in the Sydney region yet, they are on the way and will likley be a future pest in Sydney - Common in Southern Queensland & Northern NSW


White Footed Black Ant - Scientific name: Technomyrmex Albipes


Velvet Ant - Latin Name: Paratechina longicornis Family: Mutillidae


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